Day 6

Happy Saint Nicolas! Or Happy Mos Niculae !

In Romania, on the 6th of December, we celebrate St. Nicolas and there is a tradition where, the night before, children put their boots, all clean and nice by the door or window and in the morning they will find what St. Nick left them. Traditionally sweets and fruits or a stick for the naughty ones! 


Ana woke up at 7…of course, rally early when is an interesting day ahead! She was so eager to see what she got in her boots…!

After coffee and checking our boots, even I got a little something ;), we opened day 6, wondering if it is going to be a special one.

Lego city advent calendar day 6

I like Lego but I am not that obsessed and now every little brick so again I was confused about what that might be…

Ana had the answer! It’s the ice sculpture of the girl that does the carving from day 1!!! And it’s been clarified to me it’s a bird!

Hmm…but now our girl is happy carving :D.

Lego city advent calendar day 6
Lego city advent calendar day 6