Day 1

It’s the first of December!!! Pinch, punch is the first of the month and what month! The one you wait for all year long! At least we are.

The first day of December is also the first day of any advent calendar you might have.

The Lego City Advent calendar is getting its first door open.

Before opening the door we opened the cover to reveal the scene which you can see below, it’s a market square with stalls and Christmas tree, ice and fun park.

Lego advent calendar 2023
Lego advent calendar 2023 Day 1

As we found number 1, Ana hurried to open it and then she screamed: “they got the wrong instructions!!!”

Hey, what? What do you mean?

When you open the little door, on the side there is a drawing of how to put together a snowman but as we see the little bag with brick, we realise inside there are no snowman bricks!!! It is a character.

Lego advent calendar 2023 Day 1

Ana builds the character, it is very easy.

It’s a girl with googles and holding tools, she is well dressed and has a hammer and chainsaw because she is sculpting an ice statue!!! We think there will be a sculpture also in one of the days.


Lego advent calendar 2023 Day 1

Do you have this Advent Calendar? What did you get on the first day? A snowman or the chacarter? Let us know what you think about this!

Happy December!