What is a Malandrina?

Malandrina is a beautiful word, found in Spanish and Italian languages, which are close to my heart.

I won’t get into details about the etymology, Italian speaking readers can check this little article, but to tell you in English a simple translation would be rogue while the meaning of it it’s more complicated since you wouldn’t use it very seriously.

Malandrina, the impertinent and lively, clever and intriguing me.

I often choose less beaten tracks and more complex ones, I like learning something new all the time, and I don’t believe in the system (The Matrix – as in the film – is my all-time favourite). 

I gravitate to live as close to nature as possible and in harmony with it, even though our society drags us to the other extreme. 

One day, after my restlessness calms down, I hope to be a true homesteader. 

Here, in my virtual home, I am sharing moments from my voyage through the seas of life with an accent on my life in Oman. Moving to live here motivated me to revive my website, it is an extraordinary place, a different experience, and a country worth to be known better. I will use my knowledge of geography and tourism to share my experiences with you.


P.S. If you are now on my website, it’s still a work in progress, thank you and come back again!