Day 24

It is Christmas Eve!!!!!

It just is…we got to this day, the day of all days and the night of all nights. The advent calendar finished today and we also have a little scene to show you.

I think you all know what will be revealed today.


Lego City Advent Calendar Day 24

It is the man, the man of Christmas, the big guy.

Kris Kringel, Santa Claus, Santi, Pere Noel, Papa Noel, Mos Craciun, Father Christmas and so on…

I liked how his hat came in a separate little bag, it was really nice.

I looked at other Advent Calendars from Lego but I think this one was the best.

This is Ana’s little scene, the Claus house that lives next to the toy workshop. Santa is relaxing before his big day and Mrs. Claus is reading the newspaper to her lovely husband. 

As you can see has a lot of the elements from the Advent Calendar to make this place a cosy home.

Happy Christmas!