Day 11


I am writing this a day later really…I think I was so upset with the Day 12 of the calendar that I forgot to post it yesterday. Well, also very busy these days.

So…we had this fellow…with headphones and controller on Day 11. 

Not very Christmassy…but hey you can imagine he has a good story behind.

Lego city advent calendar 2023

But when you open the little door of Day 12 and you see he drawing…you are asking yourself what is that? Hoping for the best…

Oh for the snowflake sake…

It’s a desk! a desk with a computer for the little head-phoned Grinch

Oh, by the way we called him Yasseen.

Ana says he will become the towns electrical engineer.

Not bad :)

From a bricks point of you, I quite like how is made. Very cute desk. 



Lego city advent calendar 2023