Day 11

Buna dimineață!

Not enough sleep…ugh.

In yesterday’s post I was saying interesting piece are about to come as we are getting closer to the 24th.

The thing is today…the most uninteresting piece appeared in our calendar!



Lego City Advent Calendar 2023


What do you think is in there? Is it something Christmassy? Or what?

No…it’a a person, with headphones and and a game controller, how can I express my disappointment.

I know this is part of this world and many of you might be very happy about the “gamer” being represented in Lego. Yeah, that’s all fine, but not in the CHRISTMAS calendar! Please!!!

Oh, I know…he is a Grinch like character that walks around ignoring Christmas with his headphones on (poor caroller…).

So the mission is to convert him!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA


Lego City Advent Calendar 2023