By Christopher Paolini Book 1 in the Inheritance Cycle

A Book Review By Ana Dumitrache

When Eragon discovers a polished blue stone in the forest he thinks its a lucky discovery for his family, that will be worth meat for the winter. But then the stone hatches into a baby dragon, the king of Alagaësia, Galbatorix, sends his loyal servants, the Ra’zac to investigate his town, Carvahall, and force Eragon, his dragon Saphira and a storyteller named Brom to go on the run. Eragon finds out all sorts of interesting things, including that he is one of the only Dragon Riders in the world. Brom turns out to be more than just a storyteller… he also teaches Eragon how to use his magic. When Brom gets killed and the mysterious Murtagh saves his life, he chooses to travel and find the Varden, a rebel group against Galbatorix’s rule. He is welcomed to join them, but it isn’t long before they are attacked by Urgals, Kull, and the Shade, Durza.

What will Eragon do?

What will he do in the other books as well? And what great adventures will he have?

I really loved and enjoyed this book because it was full of adventure, and it was very grippy. I liked the interaction between Eragon and Saphira because sometimes it makes me laugh out loud, yet sometimes it makes me sad. I am really looking forward to reading the next three books in this series, The Inheritance Cycle. There is even a movie made on this book! I recommend this to older readers because they will understand better. I would rate this book 8/10!

Hope you enjoyed this book review,

Ana Dumitrache