Hello, Ana here.

I am starting to make book reviews on Warriors ( most people like to name it Warrior Cats).

Today, we shall talk about the very first series of Warriors, written by Erin Hunter.

This is about a house cat named Rusty. He goes into the forest and joins one of the four clans, and is given the name Firepaw. He befriends another young cat alike himself, Graypaw, which is forest born, and become great friends.

There are many dangers in the forest, and as Firepaw grows, he uncovers mysteries and Starclan ( the clan where all dead cats go and Starclan protects all cats) starts talking to Firepaw. A new prophecy is made:

Fire will save the clan

Firepaw faces many battles in the forest fighting for Thunderclan ( his clan) . His enemy is hidden within the clan. He falls in love. Changing names throughout the series makes his loyalty show. Going through hard times, he learns the true meaning of friendship.

What I think…

Personally, I enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books. I really liked the characters of Firepaw and Bluestar ( the leader of Thunderclan). These books made me emotional inside, they contain elements of happiness, pleasure, desperation, anger and sadness. Furthermore I hope more people realise how good Warriors actually is, and also I would like to encourage other people to read it. There are six books in this first series:

Into the Wild

Fire and Ice

Forest of Secrets

Rising Storm

A Dangerous Path

The Darkest Hour

Finally, I really hope ( if you read this ) that you enjoy it. I would like to make more people aware of these marvellous books.

Until next time,

-Ana C.D

The drawing that I made is a scene when Rusty (Firepaw) first meets Graypaw.