Autumn in the Autumn in North-West Ireland is a season of its own personality where the specific reds/oranges/yellows colours are there but the green is still there…also! And a lot of it. Standing to its name, the emerald isle combines the green with the autumn colour of the foliage. That is one of the characteristics of the temperate-oceanic climate.

In my first year in Ireland, I landed at the beginning of September, I was shocked to see that in autumn there is still green, or that was at least my opinion.

I lived in Leitrim, a county in North-West, rainier and colder than the east coast, said to be a poor county, and the soil not good for agriculture.

In reality, it has lots of nice places to see, good for going with kids, good for photography and can shelter diverse activities, especially outdoors.

These images here are taken in a place called Kilronan Castle. There is a beautiful walk around the forest and lake. To do it you must take a different entrance, just before the castle’s main gate where you can take the walk around the lake and through the forest. I find it more charming than the castle’s main road.