Tefal. What do you think when you hear this word?

I personally associated it with those pans with the red hot spot in the middle…I have been always fascinated with them, but never had them as my mom didn’t believe in investing in expensive kitchen stuff. She would prefer to change them more often. I like the quality that Tefal inspires and I was lucky enough to get the chance of being given a very cool pan as part of the Tefal – “THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE” a blogger competition held by Tefal Romania which was practically the launch of these pans.

Really cool about them was that the non-sticky, well-known surface, would go up to the margins, so perfect for making crepes!

Also on the back, they had different designs, I got the French one, the land of crepes here I come.

The actual challenge was to build our dream crepe. From the ingredients that I got, which were: basil, pine nuts, Parmigiano, mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and obviously the basic stuff to make the batter, I choose Caprese Pancakes.

By the way, I hate to call them pancakes as they are really crepes …but that was the campaign.

The batter was normal crepes batter with green pesto in it. Pesto made by me of course…

Adding it to the crepe batter just gives them the beautiful green colour, elevates the taste and can be a show stopper.

Tefal pan takes care of the cooking, I fill them with layers of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

Fold …sprinkle parmigiano and here you go.