Day 3

My sore throat is even worse this morning…

But no kindness today, Ana is in a hurry to open day 3.

Again, I got my morning coffee but didn’t get more than 2 sips until I was dragged to the living room.


I need to rush to take the pictures today, no patience…not great one but here we go…

Lego city advent calendar day 3

Again, me, half sleepy…what is that??

Lego city advent calendar day 3

Mom, it’s a reindeer!!!

Ah, I see, a brick that represents antlers, but, is it small or what??

I haven’t gotten used yet to the size of these constructions.

But hey, look at it, this is even more adorable than the signpost from yesterday. No, seriously, it is really small but cute.

What do you think?

Lego city advent calendar day 3