Day 21

Today is travel day!

We’ll be flying today but not before opening the Advent Calendar.

We woke up really early to make sure there was time to do everything we needed.

Since we only have a few days left on the calendar surely items will get very interesting.

Ana had a wild guess what could be.


Lego Advent Calendar day 21

Ana and Peachy were together today opening the bag. Peachy was all over the pieces and even entered one of the open doors of the calendar.

It was easy to see it was a character and not any character, it was Mrs. Clause!

All in red with glasses, a soft, warm smile and white wavy hair.

She is not wearing a dress, she has a red suit, do you know why?

Because she going snowboarding!

She’s got her own snowboard…damn cool woman!



Lego Advent Calendar day 21