Day 20

20 days have passed.

Now it got really interesting just that today was a bit …different.

Just for me, because for Ana was expected, she was sure this was going to be on the calendar but we didn’t think just like this.

Wondering what am I talking about?


Lego Advent Calendar day 20

No clue in this mess of an image with kid hands all over the bag.

Ok, so, there are two main elements…one is a………..PUPPY! Yes, she was right saying it needs to be a puppy because the girl has a kitty and a puppy and there it is.

It has a food bowl and a water one but it is sooooo small, it looks more like a mouse!

And then…there is a little table, round, with milk and cookies. 

Hmm…bery cute…

Who’s the milk and cookies for? Santa or the puppy?

Lego Advent Calendar day 20